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Speed reducers

Speed increasers

Equipments for the
cement industry

Cableways and Railways kinematics

Facilities, mechanics and kinematics for telescopic and telecommunication antennas


Winches and mechanics for
lifting plants and bridge cranes



Worm screw

Accessories and component for the steel industry

Third- party mechanical machining


Iron and steel industry

Cement industry

Petrol industry

Rubber industry


Sugar industry

Sea engines




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Costameccanica, as a company, was born in 1916 during World War I: their first manufacturing is focused on army equipment.

The factory location was along the railway and, thus, in 1919 the company enters the railway market which will become its preminent market, beginning to manufacture boxcars.
The meeting with mechanics dates 1942, when the “Officine di Costamasnaga” takes over IAT S.p.A., a Milan based company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of cranes and lifting installations.

This incorporation let the Officine di Costamasnaga to combine the traditional production dedicated to railway equipment to the production of lifting and transportation, and machinery for the power, liquid and gas transportation.

In 1969, the company acquires the “Officine della Cortassa”, leader in the production of gearboxes and power transmission units, and opens new markets: its factory manufactures big size reducers for industrial applications, power trasmission units, gears, coupling and screw jacks.

Mechanichs acquires visibility and autonomy becoming a separate division: in 1998 mechanical activity is splitted-up in an auntonomous comany, Costameccanica S.p.A.

A serious financial crisis hits the entire group at the beginning of the new millenium, and leads to the activity shutdown in april 2002.

In december 2002 the company meets Badoni: in that period between Badoni s.r.l. and the Procedura di Amministrazione Straordinaria proprietaria di Costameccanica it's signed a leasing contract.

The activity restart is immediate and the Costameccanica mark comes back as a market leader.
Badoni definitively acquires Costameccanica in april, 6 2005 and transforms the company in a division of Badoni s.r.l., maitaining the technical and productive capabilities, along with professionalism and quality level, unaltered.


The company has specialized and qualified in all those markets where great powers are involved, such as:

  • reducers, couplings, toothed spindles for the Iron and steel industry, where it’s worth to mention the equipment for Danieli, Pomini, Techint, Simac, INNSE, Mino (Italy), Mitsubishi Heavy Ind (Japan), SMS-Meer (Germany), VAI-Clecim (France), VAI-UK (UK), VA-Tech, Voest-Alpine (Austria) - Acciaierie di Piombino, Arvedi, ILVA, LAG, Lucchini, Riva Acciaio, Tenaris-Dalmine (Italy), Tyssen-Krupp (Italy and Germany), Arcelor (France), Arbed, Cockerille (Belgium), Egypt Alum (Egypt), Siderca (Argentina), Tamsa, IMASA (Mexico), TPCO, China Steel (China)

Gearbox for sizing mill

  • speed increasers, couplings, toothed spindles for the hydroplant market and made for Mecanica de la Pena (Spain), Mecamidi (France), Riva-Voith, Edison, Edi-Power, Energia Italia (Italy)
  • speed reducers for carbon electric plants, made for Endesa, ENEL ed ENI
  • lifting platform for the nuclear plant of Superphoenix (France)

Speed increaser dor hydroplant

  • cement mill drivers, pinion for Magotteaux (France) o Meerstetter (Switzerland), La Farge (France), Hyosung (Korea), Jordan Cement (Giordania), Cemtec (Austria), Holcim, Cemensud, Cementeria di Merone and Italcementi (Italy)

Mill drive gearbox

  • speed reducers and mixers for the rubber industry, made for Comerio, Plastiprogram, Pomini e Meccaniche Moderne (Italy), Farrel (UK), Bruckner (Germany), Kobe (Japan), DMIB (Malaysia), Dunlop (Malaysia), Good-Year (Canada), Michelin (France) and Pirelli (Italy)

Speed reducer calender drive

  • Cableways industry with the production of gearboxes and mechanical parts for various cableways, chair lifts and ski lifts in different places, made for Agudio, Agamatic, Doppelmayer, Garaventa, Leitner, MEB, Poma, and used in the main ski resorts

Reducers dor cableway drive

  • Sugar industry with the production of drive reducers for sugar press for Eridania, Sadam, Italia Zuccheri, ISI (Italy), Compagnie Francaise de Sucrerie, Societé Sucriere et Agricol, Cadsar Pauvres (Francia), Sacofrina (Svizzera);

Drive reducers for sugar press

  • speed reducers and mechanic drive systems for antennas for Alenia Spazio, GTE, SAE, Sirti (Italy), Antedo (UK), Soc. Europ. Satellitare (Luxembourg) e LBT, TIW Systems, Ford Aerospace, Goldstone, Lockeed Martin (USA), Societe Europeenne des Satellites (France);

Mechanical drive systems for telescopic antenna

  • reducers, wheels and shafts for Fincantieri (Italy), Hitachi Zosen Corp. (Japan), Hyundai Heavy Ind. (Korea), New Sulzer Diesel, Wartsila (Switzerland), Taiwan Machinery Corp (Taiwan), Astilleros Espanoles (Spain);

Marine wheels

  • speed reducers, toothed wheels, gears, couplings and other power transmission units made for Ecobat (Italy)

Toothed wheel for

  • hoists and gearboxes for casting bridge-cranes and port unloaders made for Falck, Fiat, Tenaris Dalmine, Edison, Italsider, Enel, Acciaierie di Piombino, Cogne Acciai Speciali, Società Petrolchimica Montedison Cantieri Benetti (Italy) - and for dock unloaders used by Porto di Venezia, Porto di La Spezia, Porto di Civitavecchia

Equipped cart